Umpiring Net Set Go

Umpiring for Net Set Go

Net Set Go is a modified version of Netball designed to teach young players under 10 years of age the skills of netball in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Each nova team will be required to provide an umpire for each game throughout the season. No experience of netball or umpiring is required and for many parents/carers this is a great way to get involved in your daughter’s sport in a fun environment.

The rules for Net Set Go are modified to allow for learning and to increase enjoyment. Umpiring for Net Set Go will require practical clothing especially appropriate footwear. Players who are umpiring Net Set Go teams should wear their club uniform.

At Breakers we encourage parents/carer’s of the team to have a turn at umpiring, however if you need assistance in providing an umpire for your team, please contact the Umpires’ Convenor who will be able to assist you.