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Breakers Netball Club is entirely run by the parents of our players, who voluntarily provide their time and effort to either coach, umpire, manage a team or are members of the committee to ensure that the club runs smoothly during the netball season.

If you would like to become a more active participant of Breakers Netball Club, please contact one of the Executive Committee Members for more information. The committee is open to all suggestions and welcomes your valued opinions.

                                                         2019/20 Committee:-

                                       President:                                        Jessica Turner

                                      Secretary:                                        Rachel Mackinnon

                                      Treasurer:                                        Kristy Miller

                                     Equipment Officer:                         Derryn Marsh

                                    Uniform Officer:                              Joelene Craig

                                    Communications Officer:              Carina De Vries


                                   General Committee Members:      Susan Brook

                                                                                                Laura Docherty

                                                                                                Morgan Vine

                                                           Kynewen Walker





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