Modified Game 10yo’s

NGCNA – Modified Game for 10 year olds for 2015

Netball Australia and Netball Queensland have now abolished what we once called the ‘Nova” competition. It is now called the Modified Game.

Our club will put together teams with players aged 10 (born 2004).

No teams should have any players turning 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 (please refer to Modified and Net Set Go Game information for these age groups).

For the first 4 weeks of “grading” teams will turn up for a session with NGCNA coaches.

NGCNA will provide a coach per court and the NGCNA coach will run a 30 minute drills and skills session with both teams and the assistance of the 2 club team coaches.

Our dedicated team coaches will follow the program set out and are taught the correct way of teaching these younger players by the NGCNA Coach.

These sessions will be written by the NGCNA Coaching Convenor and implemented each week by the coaches appointed by the NGCNA Coaching Convenor.

At the end of the 30 minute session, teams will play 2 x 10 minute halves.

This program will run for 4 weeks (22 Feb to 15 Mar). On the conclusion of week 4, teams will then be given a draw for the season.

Teams will then participate in games of 4 x 10 minute quarters with proper netball rules to  be followed.

Note:- No official scores will be kept.

Our Club coaches are provided with an excellent training program that they can follow when coaching their netball teams.